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Compassionate Senior Care - In Home Care - End-Of-Life Care Companions




Peaceful Transitions Care Collaborative was established with the sole purpose of restoring truly compassionate, personalized, dignity-centered In Home Care to members of the community facing challenging health transitions. From the natural and expected difficulties faced as we or our loved ones age, to the recovery from an illness, to the tremendous challenges--both physical and emotional-- faced by those braving a terminal diagnoses, our goal is to bring as much peace as possible to those in our care. We do this by  implementing an individualized, holistic care plan that focuses not only on the physical, and logistical aspects of care, but also the emotional and spiritual needs of those we serve.

Unlike profit-driven In Home Senior Care Franchises, and the typical Home Health Care Agency, we seek to truly engage with those we serve at every level in which they need care. Our caregivers are meticulously selected, based not only on their skill-level and experience, but on their empathy, their compassionate hearts, and their ability to give gentle, diligent individualized care.

Mother Theresa once said "The problem with us humans is that we draw the circle of family too small" and we here at Peaceful Transitions couldn't agree more, which is why when you or your loved one is in our care, you are treated like family.

So whether your needs are for compassion-driven in-home senior care, personalized care during the recovery from an illness, or the reverent end-of-life companion care we offer to those coming to the end of their bodily journey, we look forward to discovering how we can serve your family.


While Peaceful Transitions Care Collaborative now offers full-spectrum In Home Elder Care, Senior Care, and compassion-driven Caregivers for nearly every non-medical In Home care need, we began as a non-denominational Ministry lead by our Care Director, Emily Brown, and  were originally comprised of dedicated End-of-Life Care Companions, Hospice Volunteers, End-of-Life Doulas, and Grief Support Specialists whose calling was that of compassionate care and reverent presence to the dying and their loved ones. We recognized the deeply sacred nature of death, and set out to create an organization that would honor the transition with quiet respect: holding vigil, and providing emotional, logistical, physical, and spiritual support to those in need. We wanted to help guide truly peaceful transitions.

Believing that compassion is not merely a state of being or a sentimental virtue, but a verb, borrowing from its archaic definition of "to suffer with,"  we empathized tremendously with the confusion, hurt, and array of overwhelming emotions a terminal diagnosis or death can invite. Having experienced first-hand the emotional, physical, and financial  roller-coaster of personal losses, our mission was to offer both practical support--in the way of hands on physical care and logistical preparations--as well as the less tangible support that sometimes looks like holding a hand, cooking a meal for a weary loved one, or praying together.

We attended the needs of those we provided end-of-life and hospice care for in a variety of settings including hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, and private residences, tailoring our care to the unique environment with the main goal of providing comfort and peace to everyone involved.

Our End-of-Life Caregivers, Companions, Volunteers, and Hospice Doulas never forget that a whole human life and legacy is attached to the dying person, and while we have a great respect for the difficult and amazing service a traditional hospice team, hospital staff, or home health agency can provide, we recognize that the medical model of care is limited in its abilities to give the deep, intimate, and sacred respect that the end of every human life deserves. To the Peaceful Transitions End-of-Life Caregiver, a person is never a patient, but a soul on a journey, deserving of our tender care, quiet reverence, and loving witness.

When our little ministry realized the full scope of needs in our extended community, and all throughout Maine, we decided broaden our reach and offer a mutually compassionate personal care model to families in need of In Home Care, Senior Care, Companion Care, and care for those navigating either illness or disability. We are so excited draw the circle of family a little larger, and extend our specialized, compassion-centric care to the families we are blessed to serve.

For more information on how we can serve your family, please contact us at:

Peaceful Transitions

ph: 207.713.0748

Care Director: Emily Brown

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