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Compassionate Senior Care - In Home Care - Elder Care- End-Of-Life Care







"We are all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass


Peaceful Transitions Care Collaborative was established with the sole purpose of restoring truly compassionate, personalized, dignity-centered, In-Home Care to members of the community facing challenging health transitions: from the natural difficulties we or our loved ones face as we age, to recovery from an illness, to the tremendous physical and emotional challenges faced by those braving a terminal diagnosis, our goal is to bring as much peace as possible to those in our care. We do this by implementing an individualized, holistic care plan that focuses not only on the physical, and logistical aspects of care, but also the emotional and spiritual needs of those we serve.

Unlike profit-driven In-Home Senior Care Franchises, and the typical Home Health Care Agency, we seek to truly engage with those we serve at every level in which they need care. Our caregivers are meticulously selected, based not merely on their skill-level and experience, but on their empathy, their compassionate hearts, and their ability to give gentle, diligent individualized care.

Mother Theresa once said "The problem with us humans is that we draw the circle of family too small" and we here at Peaceful Transitions couldn't agree more, which is why when you or your loved one is in our care, you are treated like family.


While Peaceful Transitions now offers full-spectrum in-home Elder Caregiving, as well as individualized, compassion-driven End-of-Life care, we began as a non-denominational Ministry lead by our Care Director, Emily Brown. We were originally comprised of dedicated End-of-Life Care Companions, Hospice Volunteers, End-of-Life Doulas, and Grief Support Specialists whose calling was that of compassionate care and reverent presence to the dying and their loved ones. We recognized the deeply sacred nature of death and set out to create an organization that would honor the transition with quiet respect: holding vigil, and providing emotional, logistical, physical, and spiritual support to those in need. We wanted to help guide truly peaceful transitions.

Believing that compassion is not merely a state of being or a sentimental virtue, but a verb, borrowing from its archaic definition of "to suffer beside," we empathized tremendously with the confusion, hurt, and array of overwhelming emotions a terminal diagnosis or death can invite. Having experienced first-hand the emotional, physical, and financial roller-coaster of personal losses, our mission was to offer both practical support--in the way of hands-on physical care and logistical preparations--as well as the less tangible support that sometimes looks like holding a hand, cooking a meal for a weary loved one, guided meditation, or praying together.

Our End-of-Life Caregivers, Companions, Volunteers, and Hospice Doulas never forget that a whole human life and legacy is attached to the dying person, and while we have a great respect for the difficult and amazing service a traditional hospice team, hospital staff, or home health agency can provide, we recognize that the medical model of care is limited in its abilities to give the deep, intimate, and sacred respect that the end of every human life deserves. To the Peaceful Transitions End-of-Life Caregiver, a person is never a patient, but a soul on a journey, deserving of our tender care, quiet reverence, and loving witness.

When our little ministry realized the full scope of needs in our extended community, and all throughout Maine, we decided broaden our reach and offer a mutually compassionate personal care model to families in need of In Home Care, Senior Care, Companion Care, and care for those navigating either illness or disability. We are so excited draw the circle of family a little larger, and extend our specialized, compassion-centric care to the families we are blessed to serve.


We at Peaceful Transitions Care Collaborative are a Care Team of skilled, loving, compassion-driven care professionals specializing in affordable, in-home care for both seniors in need of carefully personalized elder care, and those braving terminal illness who seek a different model of care than what the average Home Health Care Agency tends to offer. Proudly serving counties in Midcoast and Central Maine, as well as the Greater Portland Area, we offer truly compassionate, dependable, personalized in-home care for families in need of a better, kinder care model.

Our caregivers believe passionately in insuring the dignity, comfort, peace, and quality-of-life of those entrusted to our care. The individuals we're blessed to serve are just that: *Individuals* with feelings, quirks and whole life-legacies, as opposed to merely "patients" or "clients" that we are helping by the hour. Our founders, having been on the other side of the coin, in need of care for our own vulnerable loved ones, realized that the quality of care offered by most medical models and Home Health Care agencies lacked tremendously in the basics: empathy, respect, and compassion for the whole person. When you or your loved one is in the tender, respectful care of a Peaceful Transitions Caregiver, you are never a number. It is our constant goal to make sure you are seen, heard, and respected.

We believe that at any stage of life, our role as caregiver is to ensure not only the health and safety of those in our care, but also to help them thrive physically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Our approach to both end-of-life care and in home senior care alike is to consistently provide a broad spectrum of personalized logistical, physical, emotional, and spiritual care to the individual we're caring for. We base our personalized care plan on each individual's specific needs, culture, preferences, and desires. We see your loved one as a whole person, not a patient or a diagnoses, and work with families on the level of their unique needs. Our team knows well from personal experience that one-size-fits-all Home Health Care Agency models generally fail to deliver the tender, specialized care we all deserve at our most vulnerable. 


Our collective of compassionate care professionals is a team of carefully selected and diligently trained Senior Caregivers, Elder Care Specialists, End-of-Life Caregivers (sometimes called End-of-life Doulas, or End-of-Life Care Practitioners,) volunteers, a chaplaincy team, holistic care practitioners, and our wonderful, deeply compassionate administrative team. We also are happy to partner with and recommend trusted medical teams for when our client's needs fall outside of the scope of non-medical in-home care and require medical intervention, pain management, or nurse staffing.


Our caregivers and care team are professionally trained in every aspect of providing skilled, compassionate, non-medical in home senior care, elder care, end-of-life hospice style care, companion care, and specialized care for those faced with recovery from an illness, terminal illness, or severe physical disability.

We offer help with:


  • Tasks of Assisted Daily Living

  • Bathing

  • Dressing

  • Personal hygiene

  • Toileting and incontinence care

  • Nutritious personalized meal prep

  • Feeding

  • Ambulation assistance with walking/transport/transfer

  • Hospice and end-of-life care

  • Alzheimer's/Dementia Care

  • Light physical therapy

  • Comforting touch/geriatric massage

  • Medication reminders

  • Respite care for often-weary, tired family caregivers

  • Legacy Project Planning/Funeral Planning/Eulogy Composition

  • Advanced Directives

  • Holistic/Complimentary Care or Care referrals


  • Companion Care (in-home or in-facility)

  • Grief Counseling Resources

  • Patient, compassion-driven emotional companionship to both individuals in our care and their family members

  • Social Stimulation and Social Calendar Planning

  • Guided meditations and mindfulness practice

  • Music Therapy

  • Resource recommendation for those braving terminal illness

  • Legacy Projects and Eulogy planning/composition

  • A willingness to engage in the spiritual traditions of each family to provide comfort, prayerful companionship,scriptural reading, or to arrange for chaplaincy to attend the individuals spiritual needs 

  • Accompanied trips to church,temple, mosque, etc., to act as emotional/spiritual support and give fellowship

  • Holistic Care Planning/complimentary/holistic care referrals

  • The occasional comedic relief!



If a Peaceful Transitions In Home Care Companion, or Personal Caregiver seems like the right fit for you or your loved one, please do not hesitate to call and book an absolutely No-cost In-Home Care Plan Evaluation. Our Care Director, Emily Brown, will personally visit with you in your home and help you develop a specialized care plan that works best for your family's unique needs. We are very glad to offer a sliding-scale, affordable, budget-friendly approach to in home care and senior care scheduling. We believe that Everyone (no exceptions!) is entitled to quality, compassionate, dignified in-home care, senior care, and end-of-life care, and we are more than happy to connect you with the best possible care options and resources, regardless of any financial circumstance or hardship.

Call us today at 207.713.0748 to speak to one of our compassionate care specialists to learn more about our services and book your free Home Care Plan Evaluation.


Peaceful Transitions

ph: 207.713.0748

Care Director: Emily Brown

Peaceful Transitions proudly serves Central, Maine, Coastal, Maine and the Greater Portland Area, including: Androscoggin County (Auburn, Lewiston,Turner, Topsham, Durham, Minot, Mechanic Falls, Sabattus, Livermore Falls, New Gloucester, Poland)

Cumberland County (Portland,South Portland, Falmouth, Yarmouth, Scarborough, Gorham, Freeport, Cumberland, Brunswick, Gray, Standish, Windham, Westbrook, Cape Elizabeth, Bridgton, Harpswell, Sebago, Casco, Naples, Pownal,) Kennebec County (Augusta, Waterville, Winthrop, Gardiner, Hallowel, Belgrade, Monmouth, Vasselboro, Farmingdale, Readfield, Winslow, Oakland, Litchfield, Chelsea,) and York Couty: (Saco, Biddeford)


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